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Liberton Drive | Phase 2


The ground floor layout will be altered to address functional issues with the existing house and to ensure that the spaces flow together.  The extension will replace an existing conservatory which due to its orientation and construction is unable to be used for the majority of the year. 


Through the removal of the original coal sheds and by extending to the side of the property a new garden room, utility and shower room will be formed.  The primary focus of the project is to create a better connection to the garden and to allow this to be enjoyed all year round.  


The design, form and materiality of the extension has been carefully considered to suit the existing character and setting of the house.  In particular the relationship to the neighbouring properties has been tested to ensure no loss of privacy or natural light.  


The relationship to the garden is key to the design and the integration of the existing levels allow window seats internally and a raised planter to protect and provide an edge to the sunken south facing terrace, creating a wonderful micro climate.

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