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Gorgie Community Church

Creative Building Re-use

We are working with Niddrie Community Church & 20 schemes to redevelop an existing Church Hall in Gorgie, Edinburgh. The building is embedded within the densely populated Gorgie area. The site is surrounded by tenements and is in close proximity to Tynecastle Park football stadium, located at the end of a cul-de-sac, one street back from Gorgie Road.


The building was originally opened in 1908 and much of the built fabric has reached the end of its serviceable lifespan. This extensive retrofit project seeks to retain the existing structure,  improve the buildings energy performance, create a welcoming entrance with a strong connection to the street, and create an adaptable + uplifting community space.

The project is focused on the creative reuse of an existing structure - while on the surface, the building does not to seem to offer much worth retaining, we are determined to make the best use of the existing fabric that can be reused. The challenge of creating an entirely new space within the framework of the existing structure is something that we very much enjoy.


One of the key brief requirements is to create a space that can adapt to serve the local community as-well as the Church congregation - the ambition is to create a community living room that is open and welcoming to all in the area. 

It is our ambition to create a lively and adaptable community building with a distinct presence, that feels like home to a wide variety of building users.

Existing Building

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