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If you think that we are a good match, contact Nick or Stephen today to get more information and begin talking about how we might work together.

Nick Mills | Edinburgh

07809 677120

Stephen McCullough | Aberdeen


Home for a Furniture Maker | New Build Property

Mills + McCullough are an award winning Architecture Practice with studios in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We work with private clients and organisations to create buildings that have rich character and that stand the test of time.

Nick + Stephen formed the studio in 2017 to pursue their joint aspiration to create architecture that was socially and environmentally sustainable.  Working with homeowners and communities the studio create wholesome places that make the most of their setting. We design with people at the centre and develop positive, collaborative relationships with consultants and construction trades. We love working with our clients from the big picture, right down to the finer detail.

Nick and Stephen, have a diverse range of project experience across multiple sectors and a direct understanding of what it takes to create and deliver high quality, award-winning architecture.


Project experience of note include the Sainsbury Laboratory (winner of the 2012 Stirling Prize), the Ceramics Galleries at the V&A Museum, Inverness Justice Centre and the award winning National Centre Inverclyde.

Nick and Stephen have an active interest in education and act as visiting critics at the University of Dundee and Edinburgh.

Your Project

Drop Nick or Stephen a line via email or choose a convenient time for us to give you a call using the link below:

Mills + McCullough

Director | Edinburgh Studio

Nick Mills

Director | Aberdeen Studio

Stephen McCullough

Common Questions

  • Do you use percentage fees?
    Our fees are bespoke to our client’s needs – our fee structure is determined through our outline design project phase to align with this. Our fees can be worked out as percentage fees at the end of this process but are never conceived in this way. Typically, our fees amount to 7-11% construction cost for a full service - from outline design to construction handover including a site administration role. In essence our fees reflect the project requirements and achieving value through our design services – not how much you are willing to spend on construction. We provide a fixed fee to begin the design process through our outline design project phase. Once complete we set our fee structure to progress through detailed design development, statutory approvals and construction. Our fees are structured in this way to ensure we can work with your best interests from the beginning to end. If you would like to discuss our fees in more detail please drop us a line at .
  • Do you work with Charities?
    Yes - Absolutely! One of the primary reasons we started our practice was to create an accessible design service for Charities. We love working collaboratively to ensure what we build together sustains the organisations vision for the long term. We find working from an early stage vitally important - we can help to define the scope of a project - test different approaches and assist with fundraising. If you would like to talk further about a project please get in touch - even if you think starting the project is a long way off - no conversation is too early! Email Nick + Stephen using You might also be interested in learning more about how we work with communities on our Communities Page
  • Who we work with?
    We work with people who have a passion to create extraordinary places that are in harmony with their setting and users. We set up our studio to be approachable, provide a personal design service and support our client’s journey. If our work and approach resonate with you, we would love to chat about how we can work together. All our projects are a joint venture – the variety of our work is brought through the unique challenges and aspirations our clients bring to the table. Get in touch with us at to find out more. or Give either Nick or Stephen a call: Nick - Edinburgh Studio 07809677120 Stephen - Aberdeen Studio 07702116303
  • Do you have a minimum project value?
    Yes – We currently take on commissions with budgets over £150,000. There may be some exceptions to this when we can see that our service can add value at a smaller scale.
  • Will you visit site for an initial consultation?
    Yes- we offer an initial site visit consultation service for £250 across Scotland. This gives us a good chance to see first hand what you would like to achieve and allows us to provide some professorial advice and guidance following our visit. If you would like to arrange a site visit you can send us an email at or give Nick or Stephen a call: Nick - Edinburgh Studio 07809677120 Stephen - Aberdeen Studio 07702116303
  • How much can we do for free?
    Believe it or not we do get asked this question quite a lot! When something is 'FREE' there is always a catch... starting our journey together in this way we believe to be in nobody's best interests. As a business we are focused on realising value for our clients through our services at all work stages - working for free inevitably results in that work needing to be paid for at a later stage and this is not how we work. We are simple and transparent in our costs and you can be assured there is no catch! We are more than happy to chat and answer questions and we don't work with a stopwatch in our hand. We run an initial 15min chat to get the ball rolling and answer any questions you have - this allows us to understand how our services can align with your vision and importantly ensure we provide value through our services. If you would like to chat about a project you can use our online calendar to book a call with Stephen or send an email to to arrange a zoom meeting with us. We start each project with a feasibility study - this ensures that informed decisions can be made at the earliest possible stage and avoids unnecessary abortive work. We call this stage Outline Design - for more information about our services and how we structure our work - send a quick email to and we will send you our services + process guide.
  • What does it cost to build an extension or new build home?
    Managing build costs is something that we are extremely passion about. Our process ensures that costs are tested at the earliest possible stage. This allows us to work with you to best achieve your brief within the budgetary constraints. We haven’t really answered the question yet though – we find that there is so much conflicting advice on build costs and in simple terms – build costs have many variable factors that are not accounted in a general answer. The current market is quite unpredictable, and we are keeping a close eye on how costs are changing so that we can best advise our clients. As of Autumn 2022, in Scotland, we are finding that current project costs sit in the region of £2500 / £3000 per square meter internal area for bespoke new build homes / extensions. Our outline design stage is specifically set up to test costs that are aligned with your brief – in your location – and using the materials and specification that you desire. If you would like to discuss project construction costs further just send us a little information via email to and we will get back to you.
  • Do I require a principle designer for my project?
    The changes brought about through the CDM regulations in 2015 established very specific pre-construction obligations in regard health and safety that are the responsibility of the client. Designers like us have our own responsibilities under the regulations and professionally we have a responsibility to ensure that our clients are informed of their duties in regard health and safety. In regard the principle designer role and establishing if this is required on a project - the defining factor is not the project size, but rather if more than one contractor would be involved as part of the construction process. This can be misunderstood as typically you will employ one main contractor to undertake all the works, however - the majority of contractors will subcontract some elements of the work, such as an electrician / services engineer / ground works contractor / roofing contractor. The HSE consider all subcontractors as part of the overall contractor count. In short all our previous projects have involved more than one contractor. MMA can provide a fee to undertake this role as part of our pre construction design service. For more information please visit the Health and Safety Executive website Another helpful guide can be downloaded from the The Construction Industry Training Board website:
  • Do you have a waiting list?
    Yes – we currently have a short waiting list for new commissions – this does change with our current workload and it will be the first thing we advise you about when you get in touch. We do however use this time wisely in developing the project brief with you and starting the process of obtaining any surveys that would otherwise delay our start. For an indication on our current project lead in times please get in touch with us at
  • Do you produce 3D Visualisations?
    Yes - we have industry leading expertise in house when it comes to 3D Visualisation. We use 3D to test and develop all our project work and can use 3D visualisation as a tool to engage our clients in the review process. We also use cutting edge VR (Virtual Reality) technology to review the design with you on site. This is used in combination with high quality still images to capture a sense of the space - including light, volume and materiality. Our clients find this additional service an invaluable tool to aid decision making and enrich their engagement with the developing design proposals. For more information please download our visualisation portfolio.

If you have a question please email us on and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

People Focused

Our process with you ensures the places we make have distinct personality and reflect the people who use the buildings that we make.


Making beautiful buildings that are socially and environmentally responsible is very important to us.  We want the places we make to have a long-term positive impact.

We are enthusiastic in our contextual research - a process which informs our design response and approach to materials. The buildings we make as a result rest well in their setting.


Our work is:


Your Project

Drop Nick or Stephen a line via email or choose a convenient time for us to give you a call using the link below:

We keep it simple – through straightforward language, clear processes and flexible service options we make great design within reach.

Thoughtfully Crafted

We are all about simple elegant design solutions.  We are passionate about craftsmanship, attention to detail and working with materials to achieve long lasting quality. 


Your Project

Drop Nick or Stephen a line via email or choose a convenient time for us to give you a call using the link below:

We strive for permanence in our work – the materials we use and how they are crafted is extremely important to achieve this. We promote the use of natural materials that bring character and warmth to the places we create.

Our use of material is contemporary - learning from past tradition yet innovating for the future. We are heavily influenced by the local vernacular – we design places that are distinct yet belong in their setting. Our buildings have a refined elegance in their detail and strong narrative in their response to people and place.


Community + Faith Project 

Small Project Award

Retrofit Project

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