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Pocket House Extension


As we developed proposal with our clients, one of our main objectives was to ensure that the new spaces blended seamlessly with the existing property. The project involved reworking the existing layout to simplify circulation and avoid the current layering of rooms at the rear of the property. This was achieved by designing one central space that bridges the new and old.  A series of pockets were formed within this space to house functional elements of the brief. The project utilises existing spaces in a new way that reduce the size of the extension required to fulfil all briefed requirements.

Integrated furniture articulates each pocket and helps to create a single generous volume with the functionality of many separate rooms. Kitchen living dining spaces can often be compromised through their co-existince within one room, this is not the case in the pocket house extension, as each function has it’s own spatial identity - a room within a room. The result is an adaptable family gathering space that brings everyone together throughout the course of the day.

Early Development

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