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Planning Permission Granted

Planning approval has been granted today for our proposed dwelling in Mourne | Northern Ireland.

The site for the project is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty with stringent planning restrictions. Our proposal is a contemporary reinvention of a simple Vernacular dwelling.

Through the formation of a single volume the main living space is generally open plan with the kitchen, dining and living area defined by elements of built-in furniture - the plan is developed as a simple series of inter-connected spaces. This approach while contemporary also takes reference from simple single volume dwellings that characterise the local vernacular such as the eight cottages located at Hanna’s Close dating from the 1600’s.

The dwellings massing on the site is carefully considered and has been designed to have a narrow and efficient plan reminiscent of a traditional cottage. This approach forms part of our sustainable strategy where rooms benefit from single sided natural ventilation and standardised short construction spans with repeating components +connections in turn offering the ability to reduce waste. This concept has also been considered in terms of developing modular windows which puncture the deep walls in a similar way to the cottages apertures.

The cottages at Hanna’s Close are stone and finished with a white render. The roofs consist of three different materials - slate, thatch and corrugated metal. The variety of form, texture and scale were all considered key precedents in developing the design of the new house.


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