Priory Lane 

West Molsey | Surrey

Located near Hampton Court, the terraced cottage had been neglected and allowed to fall into disrepair.  Our client bought the property with the intention to remodel and extend to add value and create their dream home.


The property’s restricted width of 4m, required a carefully considered design response, maximising the available space and functionality of the home with a greater connection to the garden and natural light.

This was achieved by replanning the house and integrating built-in furniture and storage throughout to provide order and facilitate each living space.  


The sense of space is also increased through visual connections between rooms, with a view to the rear garden afforded as one enters the front door.

To see the building in its original condition click here

Priory Lane-1_mod_web.jpg
Priory Lane-32_web_web.jpg




Priory Lane-22_web_web.jpg