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Rockville Cottage

Bonnyrigg - Extension

Rockville Cottage is a charming Victorian villa nestled within Bonnyrigg's Broomieknowe Conservation Area. The site is set back from the high street in a peaceful enclave, a tranquil secluded garden setting.


Originally built in the late 19th century and expanded in the 1960-70s, the Cottage exudes an understated grace, however, the subsequent property expansion was not commensurate with the character of the historic core.


Our clients wanted to transform the north of the property to create new spaces that complimented the character and quality of the rest of the property. We developed proposals that infuse contemporary living into this historical gem, resulting in light filled, contemporary spaces for family gatherings and relaxation.

The design solution focused on preserving the property's finest aspects, including its identification as a singular form on the site approach. To achieve this, it was important not to overpower the existing building, the new extension meets the existing house in a subservient manner, honouring the original cottage's scale, presence and geometric form. 


The unique site geometry isn't just a constraint; it's the creative catalyst behind the extension's plan form, creating an inseparable link between the two. The spatial arrangement layers functional elements to create the sense of a series of rooms within one single volume.


What emerges is a contemporary haven bathed in natural light, where modern open-plan living effortlessly complements the timeless character and constraints of the existing cottage.

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