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Victorian Villa Refurbishment


An extensive refurbishment of a Double Upper Victorian Villa located in the desirable Morningside area of Edinburgh. The works include the renewal of electrical and heating services, full interior redecoration, new insulated roof / rooflights and the addition of a new en-suite within a guest bedroom.

The most challenging aspect of the project was the introduction of an En-suite within a relatively small guest bedroom. Our client wished to create a guest room that allowed reasonable independence from the rest of the property with a private washroom - very similar to a hotel suite.


The design integrates the en-suite behind a bespoke storage wall. This was key to maximise the bedroom's area and retaining access to natural light. Both are carefully planned to be space efficient yet comfortable for guests to use. Details are minimalistic and the integration of storage allows the compact space to remain free from clutter.

A neutral pallet of materials has been used throughout the property to create continuity and reveal the elegant proportions and features of the Victorian property in a simple and contemporary way. A renewed sense of volume and light has been achieved throughout. New materials include birch plywood, matt porcelain, and Corian.


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