Woodland Pavilion 

The conceptual basis of the design centres on the notion of framing views.  Framed views already exist on the site in a number of forms, from natural clearings within the woodland to glimpses of the river, surrounding hills or sky.  Each provides unique points of interest, which focus a visitor’s attention on a specific area or aspect of natural beauty.    The design seeks to build upon this and offer an improved experience to capture the beauty, power and dynamism of the ever changing nature of the river and waterfall from season to season and day to day, which makes each visitor's experience unique.   


The site provides an intimate setting, with a sense of enclosure created by the woodland and the rock formations around the basin of the waterfall.  The journey through the woodland enhances the visitor’s experience, enticing them into an area of natural beauty culminating in the magnificent waterfall. 

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The location of the pavilion was selected to avoid obstructing existing views to the waterfall from the pathways.  The design seeks to provide a sensitive intervention and not detrimentally affect the setting and established attraction, which people visit and enjoy.  This is achieved through the slenderness of the buildings form and its materiality, producing an elegant lightweight structure reminiscent of the surrounding trees and to create a juxtaposition with the rock formations over which the building is situated.  

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The two pavilions are orientated to engage with two different aspects and project past the rock face, providing a unique relationship to the water and a viewing point previously inaccessible.  The concept was to provide both exposure to the waterfall and surrounding area, as well as providing enclosure and shelter from the elements to allow people to maximise their time there.


The designs scale, materiality and detailing has been developed to be appropriate and complementary to the natural beauty of the sites setting, and in parallel to ensure that the installation can be prefabricated off-site and assembled with minimal impact on the landscape.  The white-oiled larch was chosen to provide texture, a human scale and to harmonise with the surrounding landscape.

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