York Guildhall 

RIBA Competition 2012



The proposal demonstrates how a Creative Arts and Digital Media centre could be established within York’s Guildhall complex. The aim is to create a vibrant place of inspiration for the creative industries and to provide a shared platform where start-ups and established businesses can interact and collaborate. The building provides the infrastructure, through a range of flexible spaces varying in size and type, each which can be utilised and inhabited in a number of ways and by a range of end users.

A landscaped courtyard provides a central focus to the centre, with the social spaces arranged around its perimeter in combination with the adjacent studios, workshops, and hub spaces. This arrangement of spaces is intended to aid communication, offering places for people to meet, discuss ideas, share knowledge and network, whilst at the same time allowing building users and visitors to see and experience the creative processes going on in the surrounding studios. 

The centre has been carefully arranged to sit alongside the retained existing Council Chambers and Guildhall, and offer improved access to the site and within the existing complex.

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